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This lovely section of the blog will transport you to other places, literally!  The author of jazzysheepbleats occasionally writes content for others. This is where you can find the links to those other articles, but fear not my dear flock!  These articles are different to those that feature on jazzysheepbleats.wordpress.com

Golwg 360 [Please note these are available in Welsh medium only]:

Allforiwch Gerddoriaeth Gymraeg

Amser i ddathlu’n cerddoriaeth draddodiadol

Ar draws y Gorwelion

Beth nesaf i gerddoriaeth Gymraeg?

Cerddoriaeth Fud

Cerddoriaeth Iachus

Dathlu Diwrnod Siop Recordiau

Gweld Dwbl?

Yw hi wedi canu ar gorau?

The author of jazzysheepbleats is willing to write external content.  If you are interested in this, you can contact the author directly through the contact page and further arrangements can be discussed.