Aberystwyth Arts Centre: 21st November 2013


A group that sounds extraordinary on CD but even better live.  This was my thought the first time I had the pleasure of going to see Bellowhead, needless to say this second time was not a disappointment.

I had the pleasure of introducing a friend to this group on this occasion; I am pleased to say that this friend will not ever look at folk music the same again.  Having witnessed other members in the crowd managing to fit the dance moves of the Macarena as well as the big fish, little fish, cardboard box dance to the songs of Bellowhead, we soon get a clear idea that the fans of this eclectic group are just as fun as the group themself.  Bellowhead manage to lure the crowd with their stage presence and this definitely transfers to the faithful audience, which is made of every age group.

Bellowhead 5s

This talented 11-piece band had an array of instruments in their set, even a frying pan featured at one point.  That’s right, a frying pan.  If you have such an unexpected obscure instrument in your armoury and you are able to incorporate it into a song without many taking note of what it was that made that particular sound, then you know you have that je ne sais quoi .  This eccentric flair is most definitely one of many elements which make Bellowhead such a musically attractive group.

Finishing their mesmerising, whirlwind concert with a seasonal encore, Bellowhead appeared on stage in what some might refer to as tasteful Christmas attire, although others might disagree.  They performed their Christmas single which encompassed the joy and excitement of the Christmas period in their own style.  The money from this single will go towards those in need in the Philippines.

Bellowhead’s music was rich in every way and with a combination of excellent lighting and a varied set, an audience so hungry for their entertainment ate every last morsel of their musical meal served by the finest in the business.


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