Kizzy Crawford

Aberystwyth Arts Centre: 29th October 2013

Kizzy Crawford

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you were 17?  From personal experience, I was clueless, perhaps a little more so than now, however, for Kizzy Crawford, it would seem that she is living the dream.  It is clear she has a promising career in a bilingual world especially with as much experience as she has already gained in her infancy in such a career path; I believe that this industry will become her home.

The first thing that strikes the audience when listening to Kizzy Crawford is her maturity.  Kizzy writes her own songs and is known to do covers from time to time in her own style, which is notably different to that of the standard Welsh music scene. Luckily for us, that style isn’t another person with a guitar scenario, which is popular amongst many Welsh language artists.  It is refreshing to see outside influences in her Welsh music such as funk and soul.  With this combination she somehow manages to create magic.  It is unsurprising then, given the diverse nature of Kizzy’s background, that she is able to bring a much needed fresh flavour to the Welsh scene.  How many artists can you think of whose family come from Barbados and Oxford and who they themselves have been brought up in Wales and the Welsh language? Not many?! Didn’t think so.  As was the case in this performance, Kizzy Crawford performs both in Welsh and English.  The lyric content of Kizzy Crawford’s music is a mature approach to her many states of mind and is underlined by an interesting, attractive sound.

Naturally, she is already reasonably well known within Welsh music circles and was even one of the acts appearing at the Dawns Rhyng-gol (Inter-Collegiate dance) held at Aberystwyth University this year.  With beautiful electronic glosses flourishing throughout this performance with a relaxed laid back, Kizzy definitely had the crowd ready for the Newton Faulkner performance which followed.


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