Mr Little’s Noisy Band


Mr Little’s Noisy Band – noisy by name, noisy by nature. The man with the noisy brain and his companions have released their first EP (now available on iTunes and Spotify) as well as a music video.  By the looks of things, it certainly won’t be the last!

Mr Little who has collected an extraordinary group of musicians when many others might have collected stickers or fine china gave up the idea of becoming an astronaut to become a musician.  I think it’s safe to say that we are all thankful, although I do not doubt that there would have been some effort to bring music to the ears of whatever lives yonder.

Mr Little's Noisy Band
Mr Little’s Noisy Band

Mr Little’s Noisy Band is clearly a group of experienced musicians.  Music this good doesn’t happen overnight; it takes blood, sweat and tears and years of perfection, practice and refinery with possibly more tears.  With their jazz funk foundations, they are trying to bring their sound and the genre itself to a wider audience, much deservedly so. They are not afraid to blend this world with unlikely genres such as drum and bass.

Their Drum ‘n’ Basie is an excellent example of how they manage to cross the line, give a new meaning to music and manage to present a whole new world to their captive audiences.  Drum ‘n’ Basie is fresh with well-crafted improvisations.  Clearly paying homage to one of their influences the fabulous Count Basie, this playful combination of jazz, funk and drum and bass is cheeky, subtle but catchy.  The unusual amalgamation of all these sounds has created a sophisticated magic.

A lot of people think we sound like funk but to me that’s just the conduit. The essence of the music is about jazz, and more specifically – improvisation. When a group of great musicians improvise together they listen to each other, they complement and respond to each other.  This is when music becomes a method of communication, a language of its own. It becomes more than a recital.”

Mr Little alongside his noisy bunch of individuals will be recording their next EP in the new year with a 13-piece band and film crew. The discovery of this band will welcome you to a whole new world of jazzy, funky goodness no doubt with open arms.


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