Paper Aeroplanes

Aberystwyth Arts Centre: 3rd October 2013

Paper Aeroplanes
Paper Aeroplanes

Sitting on the stage were 7 guitars, each one varying slightly to its neighbour, setting the mood for the performance for which they sat patiently.  A beautiful human connection between audience and craft enhanced by bittersweet lyrics would be created by the duo that is Paper Aeroplanes.  The first song was a clear indication that the set was going to be moving and even sentimental in some way.

Paper Aeroplanes performed songs from several of their albums including their third and most recent album ‘Little Letters’. With a tone similar to that of Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, Sarah Howells does more than tell us these moving stories,  she clearly expresses each one from a place within, whilst Richard Llywelyn gently accompanies her on an array of guitars.  Clearly having written their music themselves, they are in control and they have the audience hanging on every melancholic chord yearning for more.

Paper Aeroplanes are genuinely down to earth and their interaction with the audience is natural. Clearly, some of their music has come from a dark place, but this bittersweet adds to the story, their story.  Without the experiences they write about, they would not create such beautiful music.

A clean, polished performance, this duo complement each other in the only way that two people who are destined to make music together possibly could.  If you ever have the opportunity to see Paper Aeroplanes live, I would strongly recommend it!

Here is what to expect from Paper Aeroplanes:


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