Human Piano

A piano powered by humans.  During the Festival d’Opéra, a human piano, a project put together by TFO, a French-language network, took Quebec by storm inviting the audience young, old and even canine to stand on the keys of a piano.  An opera singer would sing the relevant note each time a key was pressed, however long its duration. Using familiar songs from composers such as Bizet, the human piano was able to engage with a particularly receptive audience.

The human piano is an excellent exploit to encourage people of every age group to become involved with music and even be the music in the case of the singers. The opera singers were able to demonstrate their technical ability to an audience willing to play an instrument through the method of play.  This interaction between performer and audience is unique in this instance as the participant is essentially in control.

The expressions on the audience’s faces encompass the human connection to music, literally, a human connection.



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