Joel Larmer

Joel Larmer from Ontario, Canada is a young purveyor of pop music. Joel’s music is teen friendly and has an acoustic feel.  His debut album My Life’s Turned Round, which was released in 2012, is very current, clean but easy to listen to nonetheless and encompasses the feeling anyone would desire from the pop genre.

Joel’s new single, Forever featuring Phil Darko, taken from his new EP, is a name your price download.  For those of who may not be familiar, this  is where you are able to download an artist’s single for whatever price you’d like, similar to that of Radiohead several years ago.  Some downloads have a minimum payment, however in this case there is not one.

Joel Larmer
Joel Larmer

If you like this artist and the music he makes, then you will be pleased to know that he has booked the recording studio, which is always music to the ears of the fans (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)  If you cannot resist waiting then you can find Joel on YouTube.  Joel Larmer’s YouTube page both contains his own work as well as covers of other pop artists; these covers are usually more stripped down than the original.

It is fair to say, with many inspirational quotes to be found on his Facebook page, that Joel Larmer is a refreshing and a positive role model for the pop industry in its current state.



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