International Cassette Day

Cassette Store Day 2013

For many, when hearing the word ‘cassette’, there is an emotional attachment, memories of being given a mix tape by a loved one or making one for someone else.  For others, there is the pain of a tape snapping, having to be lovingly restored in technical surgery in the form of sticky tape and a sharp pair of scissors.  Whichever of the proverbial A or B side you sit, it seems that the cassette is at least trying to gain popularity once more.

The cassette tape making a come back?

7th September 2013 has seen the emergence of Cassette Store Day, bringing the charm of that play button back to life.  Those who were brought up during the cassette tape’s infancy and youth would say that it also shaped their own musical and social identity during their own adolescence. The cassette tape revolutionised the portability of music and also created a private musical setting for the listener in the shape of a Walkman.

Whether it is due to their nostalgic novelty, cheap price tag or the versatility of creating a personal playlist to be played in an old school format, cassette tapes will no doubt start appealing to the masses once more. Such an organised international event will provide awareness of our rectangular plastic friend, with many albums being released especially as well as merchandise available to promote the occasion.

With the intention of becoming an annual event following the footsteps of Record Store Day as well as having a film produced to celebrate the cassette tape’s legacy, Cassette Store Day is providing an analogue alternative which can be physically held and become sentimental as an audio love letter in an ever increasing digital world.


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